Civil and Commercial Litigation

Litigation is rarely a welcome way to resolve a dispute, but when the gloves come off and you need heavyweight litigators to pursue or defend cases with drive and determination, we can help.

Commercial Disputes
Business disputes can often arise unexpectedly and can disrupt the running of any business. Our commercial litigation team have the knowledge to assist you to resolve your business dispute in the right way.

When a business dispute arises, it is vital to get the right advice as soon as possible to minimise the negative impact it can have on your business. These disputes can come from any direction, from disgruntled employees to suppliers, from customers to competitors and other organisations.

We can assist in a range of commercial litigation issues, including:

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Professional negligence (for poor work carried out by professional, builder, surveyors), Landlord and tenant disputes.

Resolving these can be a complicated and delicate process. If you fail to comply with the many rules that regulate the management and conduct of companies or business, the dispute can escalate and become even more complicated than it was at the start.

We can alert you to issues and provide solutions that you may not have considered.

If you are a business that is in dispute, owed money or you are a company manager looking for help with a dispute with a partner or shareholder, and would like to find out more about our services or discuss how we can assist you, please call us on 0208 997 88885.

Civil Litigation
We understand that Civil litigation can be a stressful and complex business, but not when you instruct us to deal with your case. We appreciate that the essential elements of such concerns are that we resolve any dispute as quickly and as positively as possible, and we aim to do that for our client as possibly as we can.

We can help you with issues such as disputes between landlord and tenant, disagreements between neighbours, debts that may not have been paid, Breach of Contract, or just generic business or property disputes. We can help with your civil litigation matter whatever your involvement in the affair.

We will help you understand your options, both in terms of your chances of success and the costs involved, should you decide to pursue litigation.

If you think you may need our help, do not delay, many legal issues are time-critical.

Please call our confidential enquiry line on 0208 997 8885 to discuss your case, and see if we can help.

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