Employment law is such a fast paced and ever-changing area of legislation, so at Arden Solicitors Advocates we cherish the change and we pride ourselves on our extensive legal knowledge, and our ability to deliver high quality employment law service to all of our clients.

Our highly expert and skilled employment law team provide prompt, valuable and practical legal advice on employment law issues for both employers and employees.

We can provide immediate legal representation and will work with you to find a solution to your workplace problem, regardless of what issue you are facing.

Our legal services cover all aspect of employment law, from drafting and reviewing employment contracts, advising on how to manage and resolve employment disputes, assisting in mediation and alternative dispute resolution procedures, to preparing and conducting complex Employment Tribunal proceedings.

We offer expertise in the following particular areas:

      • Our key areas of expertise in UK employment law include the following:
      • Employment contracts (including drafting, review and dispute resolution)
      • Settlement agreements
      • Wrongful dismissal & breach of contract
      • Fair dismissal & notice
      • Payment in lieu & notice
      • Unlawful deduction from wages
      • Unfair dismissal
      • Constructive dismissal
      • Redundancy
      • Grievances & disciplinaries
      • Disability discrimination
      • Sex discrimination
      • Race discrimination
      • Age discrimination
      • Harassment
      • Bullying
      • Whistleblower & Trade union reps
      • Mediation services
      • Non-compete restrictions
      • TUPE and team moves

We also offer expert legal advice and representation in employment issues for ‎employer ‎or employees at early or advance stage concerning:‎

  • Case assessment and Discussions
  • Case Management ‎
  • Pre-Hearing Reviews
  • Full merit hearings
  • Remedy hearings

While we offer litigation in the Employment Tribunal or the civil courts, we believe that ‎negotiation is always preferable to litigation and will try to mediate and settle your ‎matter before proceedings are issued if possible.  We will continue to try and settle your ‎matter, even if proceedings have been issued, through ways

Employment law solicitors for Employers

Our team will deal with your all business enquiries relating to works’ rights and responsibilities, as well as offering consultancy for your business from negotiating and drafting contracts of employment, handling of dismissal, reviewing and revising employees or company handbook, drafting and handling disciplinary and grievance procedures, to the establishing and monitoring of equality policies in the workplace. We can act on your behalf on all manner of employment cases including contractual disputes, unfair dismissal, harassment, and discrimination allegations.

Please call our confidential enquiry line on 0208 997 8885 to discuss your case, and see if we can help.

Employment law solicitors for Employees

Whether you are facing some struggle at work and want some legal  advice, or you feel that you have been treated unfairly, or you are pressured to agree on changes to your contract and working conditions, or have been made redundant, then our team of expert are always there to listen to you.

Our team of employment lawyers will act on your behalf by initial negotiation with your employer or their representative. We will fight hard for you and take all necessary steps to bring your case to the best of your interest, but we will not hide from you our advice about whether your matters have strong merits and worth fighting for.  we value your time and our reputation and hence our aim is to give you the best personal service and most honest advice.

For Our Fees, and possible “no win no fees” applications, please call our confidential enquiry line on 0208 997 8885.


At Arden Solicitors Advocacy, we offer a range of fixed fee services for Employment matters, starting from just £150 (+VAT) for one-hour initial assessment of your case.

Employment matter is generally divided into four stages in which we put you in control of each stage and throughout your Employment claim. Hence, you can decide at each stage of your case whether, or not, to instruct our firm to take the next step with you and proceed your case further.

The first stage involves initial assessment, where you can explain the details of your situation to an Employment Lawyer who will provide you with legal advice and guidance on the best way for you to proceed. This service is £150 (+ VAT) for slandered case, to £250 for more complex case.

If you then want to progress the matter further, an Employment Lawyer will provide you with a comprehensive review of your documents and offer you with a written advice or report. Depending on the complexity and seriousness of your matter, the fees of this service is between £450 to £1,310.

The second stage would be to carry out settlement negotiations with the respondent, their reportative or through ACAS. You may choose to instruct us to negotiate your settlement on your behalf or choose to represent yourself in these negotiations. Our fees for this service start from £350 (+ VAT) to £980 (+ VAT).

The next stage is to draft a settlement agreement or pursue a claim before the Employment Tribunal in the unlikely event of not agreeing settlement with the employer. The fees of this stage are calculated at our stranded rate which is £150 (+VAT) but there may be an additional third-party cost which could include expert reports, barrister fees and court fees.  We will make you aware, step by step, the fees, scale, and progress of your case.

Fixed Fees & Other Services:

We also offer arrange of addition service on a fixed fee base for this work and we will agree with you this fixed fee before we undertake any work. Example of this service includes:

Statement of particulars of employment£99 + VAT
Compromise AgreementFrom £250
Drafting & submitting COT3 FormFrom £380
Junior employment contract£210 + VAT
Senior employment contract£389 + VAT
Director’s service agreement£638 + VAT
Consultant/freelance contract£498 + VAT
Staff handbook£699 + VAT
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