Muayad is a legal consultant and lawyer in the Immigration, Employment and Civil law ‎departments. He initially joined the firm in 2004 till 2011 dealing with cases in the areas ‎of Asylum & Immigration Law, Employment Law, obligations, and Contract ‎Law, before working as a lecturer at the School of Law, University of Portsmouth from ‎‎2013, teaching courses various areas of law including Employment and Contract law. In ‎‎2015 he joined the Faculty of Law at An-Najah National University, in Palestine, as an ‎assistant professor. In 2017 he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law. Among other ‎positions Muayad He had been a former member for drafting a bill on Human Organ ‎Transplantation and Transplantation Law in Palestine, which became enforced in April ‎‎2017. He also had been a member of the National Committee for the Development of the ‎Justice Sector in Palestine which was formed by a Presidential Ordinance on 6th ‎September 2017. ‎

In 2019 Muayad re-joined our firm while enduring his academic careers at the ‎University Faculty of Law. He is an active legal researcher and has published various ‎articles in Law politics and human rights issues, in both English and Arabic languages.‎

Employment ‎

Muayad is an expert in all aspect of employment and labour law. For over two decades ‎of legal practice at legal firms and academic teaching at universities, Muayad has ‎maintained successful track record for making/defending tribunal claims of unfair ‎dismissal, wrongful dismissal, and constructive dismissal. He has also managed other ‎areas of labour law cases including redundancy, unlawful deductions and breach of ‎statutory rights. His latest articles on Employment was published at Liverpool Law ‎Review. ‎

Immigration & Human Rights ‎

Mauayd has long experience in all aspects of immigration law and human rights aspect. ‎He has extensive experience and knowledge in all type of Entry Clearance applications ‎‎(UK visa application), Further Leave to Remain applications, EEA applications and ‎other Immigration law applications. Muayad has also worked successfully in various ‎human rights cases, namely cases under ECHR grounds. ‎


Muayad is specialists in civil law, he has worked on a variety of challenging cases with ‎success. His experience and main area of practice includes contract, obligations and tort ‎law. ‎

Muayad speaks English and Arabic languages. He has published various articles in ‎Law politics and human rights issues including:‎

  • ‎“The Legal Regulation of Capacity Phases According to the Law in Force in Palestine” ‎An-Najah University Journal for Research – B (Humanities), 2019, accepted for ‎publication, July 2019 ‎
  • ‎”The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation & Proportionality: A Public Law Principle ‎Adopted into the Private Law of Employment” Liverpool Law Review, October 2018, ‎Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 239–264‎
  • State system of government;‎‏ ‏a comparative study Between the secular, religious, and ‎democratic paradigm (3 parts Published Aug 2018 at‎
  • Commentary:  The Constitutional Court Decision on the employees’ Indemnity and ‎Social Security Law, published in 2017‎
  • Administrative Detention of the Israeli Occupation in Light of Humanitarian Law. ‎‎(Published on 20/10/2016 at ‎
  • The Importance of Drafting New Act on Transplantation of Human Organs. (Published ‎on 21/8/2016 at ‎
  • Compensation for Overtime under Labour Law; Critical Study. (Published on 1/8/2016 ‎at‎
  • In The Shade of Democracy: “Democracy Does Not Merely Mean ‘Majority Rule’ “. ‎Published on 23/05/2015 at Al- Ayam,


Work carried out
30% Employment and Civil matters